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LeeAnn Nelson

A Physical Therapist and a teacher of Melt Method, Yoga, and Shamanic Energy Healing

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LeeAnn Nelson, PT

LeeAnn has been a physical therapist for 27 years and has practiced in out patient facilities, rehab hospitals, nursing homes and home care settings. She has owned her own practice since 2002.

Following a month long yoga teacher training in 2001, she realized that she could no longer practice in large, nationally owned practices that did not prioritize quality, one on one time with patients. Her experience in these facilities was that it was about volume and not quality and continuity of care. She briefly contemplated leaving the profession because she could not find a practice in the region devoted to providing quality time to each patient. Fortunately, she had a classmate who had opened his own practice in Harford County MD the year before and was providing the kind of care that LeeAnn had been envisioning.  This example was all that she needed and LeeAnn Nelson Physical Therapy was started in 2002, expanding from a 2500 sq ft facility to a now 5600 sq ft facility in 2004.

LeeAnn has become accomplished in providing manual therapy utilizing osteopathic techniques including muscle energy technique, cranial sacral therapy, visceral manipulation, and myofascial release. Her treatment emphasis is on structural alignment, balance, integrity of the body and tapping in to our body’s inherent ability to heal.  She especially enjoys working with patients with spine issues, multiple medical challenges and headaches. She is also a certified Melt Method teacher, Yoga teacher and completed a month long Shamanic Energy Healing training with The Four Winds Society in 2015. She utilizes this varied background to establish a comprehensive, effective treatment plan for her patients.

Outside of work, LeeAnn has two daughters 21 and 19 and enjoys spending time outdoors running, kayaking, stand up paddling, rollerblading, cycling and golfing.

LeeAnn Nelson providing Physical Therapy photo
LeeAnn Nelson providing Physical Therapy photo

LeeAnn is Now Available for Private Sessions

Discover The MELT Method

This technique utilizes a soft roller and small, soft ball to “self-release/massage” your entire body. This technique allows you to realign your body on your own, as if you have had a manual adjustment. It releases areas of stuck stress that accumulate over the years, affecting your ability to move with ease. It has changed LeeAnn’s life and it can change yours too (it is recommended that you commit to at least 3-4 sessions to get maximum benefit from these sessions).

Explore Shamanic Healing Work

Shamanism has been around for thousands of years and is one of the oldest spiritual traditions connecting us to the earth and our higher selves.  Shamanism is the wisdom teachings of the native Americas. LeeAnn has trained with shamans in the Andean tradition in South America and has learned how to utilize these teachings in assisting to release areas of blocked energy. This will help enable you to discover what you want and need at a soul level. You will then naturally begin to manifest life desires and wishes with more ease.  Utilizing techniques such as illumination and chakra clearing, you will be assisted in clearing your energy field to enable you to make decisions and choices from a loving, more grounded space. It will assist you in feeling balanced and more comfortable in your skin.

Times when this energy work is beneficial is in times of transition, times of loss, making major decisions, times of great stress and times when trying to become clear with your life direction. These teachings assist in living in “ayni” or right relationship. The shamans of old discovered that by being in ayni, we can heal our body, mind and soul and avoid disease.  Our body is surrounded with a luminous energy field and by clearing our field, we can help heal and transform to wellness.

People who have experienced these sessions have reported experiencing profound peace and connectedness, as well as clarity and stillness. Still others have reported feeling more comfortable with their decisions, life plan and who they are at all levels of being.

Cranial Sacral Therapy Sessions

This treatment addresses the bones of the head, spine and sacrum. Relieving compression in these areas helps to alleviate stress and pain. This is done through very gentle, manual manipulation that affects membranes and fluid that surrounds and protects the brain and spinal cord, as well as, attached bones. These techniques are extremely gentle and helpful with symptoms such as neck and back pain and headaches. LeeAnn is also trained in visceral manipulation which addresses facial restrictions affecting organs in the abdomen and pelvis. This work is profound and creates a deep release in the spine, abdomen and pelvis, allowing organs to restore and function more normally.

Wellness and Yoga Based Exercise Session

Treatment emphasis is in development of a yoga based exercise program.  Dietary recommendations will also be given for optimal health and wellness.